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Learn How to Talk About Your Style With Interior Designers

When you are getting ready to work with a pro on a home project, whether it’s an architect, landscape designer, interior decorator or another local Orange County Design Professional, communicating your preferences in a clear and precise way can help your designer understand exactly what you are seeking out — and deliver results you will enjoy.

By gathering inspiration and assessing your likes and dislikes, you will be better equipped to have those essential conversations with your local Orange County Interior Designer.

Make a Things You Love and Things You Don't Love List

You may have already heard that it’s generally a good idea to gather images and ideas of things you love when you are preparing to meet with a designer — and we will examine that in more detail next.

Have you thought about making a list of the things you don’t love? Perhaps as a surprise to you, those dislikes can be just as important.

Usually, the best designs come from open communication about likes, dislikes and a complete understanding of a client’s needs.

Get Visual

For the most part, interior designers’ work is highly visual, so it makes perfect sense that the best way to communicate your likes and dislikes is through images. This keeps things open and clear.

For example, if you think of “desert style” as being southwestern with a good amount of natural wood and colorful textiles, but your local Orange County Interior Designer is envisioning more of a Palm Springs midcentury desert style, a misunderstanding is bound to happen.

But when you can directly point to a photo and say, “I absolutely love this,” or “I'm really not that fond of that look,” you and your local Orange County Interior Designer can easily get on the same page.

Include Images That Directly Relate to Your Project

A great place to begin collecting images for your likes and dislikes lists is with examples of the distinct type of project you are planning out. If you’ll be working with a landscape designer or landscape architect, as an example, search for photos of landscapes.

Hiring an architect for a home remodel or custom build? Try and look for photos of exteriors and whole-house designs. And so on...

Include Some Less On-Topic Photos As Well

Don’t be scared to include a few images that don’t directly relate to the type of project but are nonetheless a good example of a distinct style you can't get enough of — or can't stand.

Lifestyle, food and garden images can be incredible examples of color palettes and can give your design pro a better handle on your overall style than project photos alone.

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